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We buy vintage! 

We can purchase pieces that meet the quality and style of Giddy. We absolutely love anything with a great novelty print or theme, or articles with extra special details!

As noted in our shop, we focus on early 1900s - 1970s colorful and playful clothing and accessories in excellent condition (occasionally for more rare pieces, we will accept other condition types).  
We're also always keeping our eyes open for occasional trinkets and decorative pieces from the early 1900s - 1970s that fit our aesthetic. 


How to sell your vintage
Simply email us ( and include as much of the following information as you can:
  • Information/ a short description of the item(s) or the collection(s) you're interested in selling (eras, styles, quantity, history, labels, etc.)
  • Photos of the items. 
  • Condition of the items. (See our check list below if you're unsure of how to check the condition).
  • General sizes (bust and waist measurements are very welcome)
  • The price you'd like to receive for each item or collection. Please include this information, as inquiries without an expected price will not be considered.
  • Location. If your item(s) look like they'd be a good match for Giddy and you're fairly close to Los Angeles, CA we can arrange for a buying appointment.   
Condition Check List  
  • General appearance (check for fading, pilling, etc.)
  • Seams (check for seam openings at waist, underarms, and along sides)
  • Hem (are there any alterations to the original hem?)
  • Underarms (check for discoloration, fading, weak fabric, holes, or repairs)
  • Repairs/alterations (check for patches, altered seams, etc. on the inside of the garment)
  • Stains (natural light is the best way to spot flaws)
  • Holes  (pinholes can best be spotted in natural light)
  • Odors (wools and heavier fabrics will often trap smells) 
  • Has the garment been cleaned?

  We look forward to working with you!